Meet Artemis Rico

Award-Winning Rising Star
Houston Based | NYC & LA Local Hire

She is the chatty yet lovable teacher’s pet. The bossy but loving big sister. The wacky and bold daughter. Her favorite color is rainbow and she wants to be everything when she grows up.

About Me

Artemis Rico is Indigenous Tejana and practices Aztec Dance with Calmecac Indigenous Organization under Abuela M’api Rainflowa. This year she was also in Baseball, Choir and Student President!

           She dreams of one day being on the Artemis mission to Mars with her younger brother, Apollo, but in the mean time, she is having a great time being on camera. She recently appeared, along with her Calmecac, in The Express Way with Dulé Hill on PBS and starred in short film, Shadow, which premiered at the 2024 Houston Latino Film Festival.

           In April 2019 she won Best Young Actress at the Independent Shorts Awards for her starring role in award winning short film, Vilomah. She had a great time taking pictures with her co-star and mother, Amelia Rico (Grey’s Anatomy, 1923, Dark Winds), at the  Austin Indie Fest where Vilomah won Director’s Choice.

          At home she likes to write and direct little scenes with her brother to act out. During the pandemic she created Artemis Reviews Movies on YouTube. Her favorite was Joker Reviews Batman 1981 because she got to dress up like her favorite villain, The Joker. 

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